Ludovico: (415) 652-7483
Michelangelo: (408) 373-6320
  • “I can honestly say I would not have found the perfect place without Ludovico.”

    Sujay J., San Francisco, CA
  • “How many people still want to have dinner with their real estate agent after a purchase/sale and would invite him to their baby shower? We do!”

    L B., San Francisco, CA
  • “Honest – Knowledgeable – Detail Oriented – Caring.”

    Erin Y., San Francisco, CA
  • “Ludovico is a force of nature. It’s not an exaggeration to say that without him I would not own the house that I do today.”

    Joe G., San Francisco, CA
  • “We now are the proud owners about our new home in the greatest city of the world.”

    Martin E., San Francisco, CA
  • “It was a top priority for us to work with a real estate agent who had a deep knowledge of the San Francisco neighborhoods and we were very fortunate to have found Ludovico.”

    Jason O., San Francisco, CA
  • “…Patient and never pushed me to make a decision rashly.”

    Will S., San Francisco, CA
  • “Someone you’d want on your side.”

    Stephanie T., San Francisco, CA
  • “Had our best interests at heart.”

    Michael R., New York, NY
  • “It is with no exaggeration that I say it would be heavenly if all people in the service industry were as pleasant, competent, and conscientious.”

    Suzanne K., San Francisco, CA
  • “Someone we could trust with such an important life decision.”

    Ethan K., San Francisco, CA
  • “I worked with several realtors over the years, and he is the best one.”

    John Y., San Francisco, CA
  • “Here’s the main message: If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in SF, you should be working with Ludovico.”

    Nadim H. San Francisco, CA
  • “Buying a home is a scary process both emotionally and financially. And if you want to make sure the whole thing is done right, you either need to spend an absurd amount of your time managing the details, or you need to work with Ludovico.”

    Edward M., San Francisco, CA

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